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Couple interesting facts about curtains:

The first curtains were developed by the Romans who were tired of dust coming into their homes. The solution was to hang some clothes over their window to fix the problem.

'Curtain' origins from the word 'cortine', which is an old french word for the same meaning. The word also has its origins in Latin and Greek.

Shower curtain was previously named as bath curtain because most of the bath tubs used to be free standing. Curtain was attached to the bath tub to give some extra privacy. First bath curtains were made of cloth that got wet and dirty during the bath.

Tilt mechanism that can be found nearly all hanging blinds today was developed by American inventor John Hampson. He was granted the US patent for the tilt mechanism in 1841.

World's tallest curtains measure 213.25 ft and were fist displayed in Oslo, Norway, on 3 October 2008. WOW!

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